Can Green Coffee Extract Help You Lose Weight

If you are looking for a way to lose a few extra pounds, then green coffee bean extract may help you achieve your weight-loss goal. Green coffee bean extract has been picking up steam as the weight-loss supplement of choice, but why is this so? Well, let’s see…
Green coffee beans, which are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted, contain a wonder chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. This chemical is said to boost weight loss by blocking fat accumulation, curbing carbohydrate absorption, and regulating your blood sugar levels after a meal. It is especially appealing because it does not require any strict dieting or strenuous exercise to melt away the unwanted pounds.

Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid Levels
Chlorogenic Acid is also found in roasted coffee beans but the process of roasting the coffee beans reduces the amount of the chemical, making the green, unroasted beans the better source for this fat-fighting substance.
To create green coffee bean extract, the unroasted coffee seeds are soaked to release the chlorogenic acid, and then concentrated to create the extract. The extract is often sold commercially as capsules, for easier ingestion. Notably, green coffee bean extract does not taste or smell anything like coffee.

Any proof?

There is some research to back up the notion that the green coffee bean extract can reduce body weight and fat.
A small study in India found that people who took 700 to 1050 milligrams daily of green coffee bean extract in the form of capsules, and stuck to their regular diet, lost an average of 18 pounds in 22 weeks, or 10% of their body fat.
Green Coffee Bean Before and After
The Dr. Oz Show also conducted their own study, which found that women who took 400 milligrams of green coffee bean extract three times daily and stuck to their regular diet, lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks.
Thankfully, no adverse side effects were reported by either of the two studies, still the long-term safety of green coffee bean extract is largely unknown. But as a short to medium-term supplement for achieving weight loss, green coffee bean extract seems to be a viable option.
Naturally, you should also exercise regularly and eat healthily for optimum results as nothing beats that timeless combination for losing weight.

Green Coffee Bean Effects

Will you be testing out the green coffee bean extract for losing weight? Please tell us about your experience with this supplement, making sure to detail the quantities you took and the results you saw afterwards.

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  1. Interesting stuff. Not a coffee drinker myself, by wife certainly is. She could stand to learn a little about the green coffee bean and it’s benefits.

  2. I’d never heard of green coffee til I found your site… I love coffee; drink about 4 to 5 cups a day… Based on your info here, I am going to switch to GREEN!

  3. Dam I been drinking the wrong coffee all these Great information, will be changing over to green coffee extract tomorrow. I have heard about this, but never took any notice. Now I’ve read your article I have a much better understanding of it. And of course I like the fact you don’t have to bust a gut exercising.

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