Best Camping Coffee Makers For Travel Nerds

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Best Camping Coffee Makers

Are you a person with Travel Syndrome? Would you like to have a warm cup of coffee up there in the mountains?

It felt pretty awesome while compiling the collection of Camping Coffee Makers. The usage of word ‘backpacking’ and ‘outdoors’ comes with a sense of thrill and excitement. can also be called Mini or Portable Coffee Makers as we are actually seeking something that is handy and free to move anywhere. The idea of creating this collection lighted up when a friend of mine was preparing for a remote camp and got stuck with the problem of having a cup of coffee there.

So, I googled the stuff and yola, came up with some good things for travel baristas. There are plenty of options in this category, whether you’re making camp coffee for a bunch of people at a picnic or just brewing a single serving cup for yourself, you are not left. You don’t have to suffer through your morning brew, even if you’re backpacking in the wilderness!

Best Camping Coffee Maker – Top 15 Picks

Of course, camping means different things to different people. Some people may be hiking or canoeing to their site, while others are RV-ing or car camping. You may or may not have electricity or a propane stove. No matter how you camp, as long as you can boil water, you can make excellent coffee. Here are some of our favorite coffee-making products for the great outdoors:

Also read about EZE Hand Grinder at the bottom of the post, a great companion of these outdoor coffee gears.

1. Oxx Coffeeboxx Single Serve Portable Coffee Maker

Oxx Coffee Box

If you’ve got an outdoor event, picnic, or group camping trip coming up, this machine could be your solution to providing excellent coffee for everyone. This is also a popular choice for RVers. It’s designed to be rugged enough to travel where you need it.

Features and Specifications

  • Takes 3 different cup sizes
  • Sand proof; water, dust, and crush resistant
  • 85-ounce water tank
  • Separate hot water outlet for tea and instant soups
  • K-cup compatible
Oxx CoffeeBox Strength

The above image simply depicts the strength of this product. With the hot weather coming, you may find yourself planning for a big outdoor event of some kind. The Oxx Coffeeboxx can be used anywhere that has an electrical outlet to provide coffee and hot water for a large group of people. The interior tank holds 85-ounces, which means you can make more than 10 coffee cups before you have to refill it. When you turn on the machine it is ready to brew in less than 2 minutes. Moreover, it’s a portable brewer that is K cup compatible too.

The Coffeeboxx is built with travel in mind and is one among the best travel coffee makers. If you have a rough road between your house and your cabin, this machine will stand up to quite a bit of knocking around in your car. Some customers have commented that inside of the machine is not quite as robust in construction as the outside, but most are more than happy with this machine to have coffee while traveling.

2. Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

If you are looking for an auto drip coffee maker designed to work with a propane stove instead of using electricity, then Coleman coffee pot is one most successful one. It can be easily used anywhere and is an affordable one. Also, this gadget can be seen as the favorite in many other Backpacking and portable coffee brewers list.

Features and Specifications

  • 10-cup glass carafe
  • Works with 2 or 3 burner camp stove
  • Uses basket filter
  • Pause-and-serve function

If you’re looking for the same coffee experience you get at home with your drip coffee maker, you’ll love this Coleman machine. With its 10-cup carafe, it’s also a good choice if you are camping with a large group.

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker,Black
  • Camping coffee maker quickly brews up to 10...
  • Steel base fits on most traditional 2- and...
  • Included 10-cup glass carafe allows for easy...

The manufacturer claims that you can brew a full pot in 10 minutes. In reality, it depends on what kind of burner camp stove you have and how hot the burner is, so you might find it takes as little as 7 minutes or as much as 20 minutes. Not bad for roughing it!

Best of all, almost all reviewers agree that this coffee maker produces really good-tasting coffee.

3. Handpresso Auto Espresso Travel Coffee Maker

Handpresso Auto Espresso Travel Coffee Maker

Imagine a great cup of espresso with this Handpresso Auto anywhere at the top of a hill or at home. You just need a 12V cigarette lighter socket to give this gear the power. It is one of the best backpacking coffee maker due to it’s functionality and portability.

Features and Specifications

  • Attractive and Sleek Design
  • Water reservoir capacity: 1.79 Fl.oz (53 ml)
  • Fast Brew Cycle of 2 minutes
  • Quiet Operation
  • Uses ESE Pods and Ground Coffee Both
Handpresso Auto Espresso Travel Coffee Maker Top

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker
  • 16 bar pressure
  • Uses a 12v cigarette lighter
  • Uses ESE Pods for brewing

Handpresso Portable Espresso Auto is a revolutionary gadget that makes premium espresso on the go. The machine looks completely of the modern age and features a temperature gauge, a power button, and a release button. Making a shot is pretty much straightforward: Top it off with filtered water, now with some good quality tamper, tamp the finely grounded coffee into the included Domepad, lock the lid and switch it ON and you are done.

A great gadget to have if you mostly travel alone or with one or two guys as it produces one shot at a time. It is best compatible with ESE pods and doesn’t create much mess.

4. Coleman Quikpot Propane Coffeemaker

Coleman is a reputed name in producing coffee makers for camping and backpacking and most of us have heard about its products if we are really into camping stuff. What could be better than having a mini drip coffee maker while traveling! Gearhungry has also listed this brewer as a must pick among their camping gears.

Propane Coffee Maker by Coleman For Outdoors

An amazing product called Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker with Stainless steel has been waiting for your way. The coffee pot design is portable, weighs 9.5 pounds and can easily be carried away in a backpack.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions : 13 x 17 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Carafe and Filter dishwasher safe
  • InstaStart button ignition
  • 4500 BTU
  • 16.4 ounce of propane cylinder
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Durable built up

Coleman 10-Cup Instastart Portable Propane Coffeemaker
  • Fantastic portable propane powered...
  • Easy to start - simply push the InstaStart...
  • Perfect for the campsite, hunting, early...

Being powered by a propane cylinder, it can brew a full pot of coffee in just 15 minutes for approximately 10 people. It even doesn’t require to carry a lighter or match sticks as it has a built-in feature of Instastart auto ignition button that lights up and the flame can even work even windy conditions.

This coffee maker can run a total of 4.4 hours with a propane cylinder of 16.4 ounces. The thermal carafe ensures that your coffee remains hot after preparation for some time. Carafe and filter are both dishwasher safe and are also easy to clean while camping.

5. Manual Coffee Maker For Keurig K-Cups

Here is a great pick for K-cup lovers. This manual coffee maker can be used anywhere without electricity and you won’t regret the taste. The unit can make 6,8 or 10 ounce servings. One just needs hot water to make it work.

Keurig Camping Coffee maker

The size of the brewer is like a soda bottle and assembles in seconds. It can easily slip inside your backpack. All in all it’s a great pick for frequent travelers who don’t want to mess much into brewing.

Manual Coffee Brewer, Brew Coffee Anywhere, Single...
  • Select coffee capsule and place in the brew...
  • Easy Storage: It can be dissembled, no need...
  • Great way to brew your coffee at home,...

6. MSR MugMate Coffee/Tea Filter For Backpacking

MSR Mugmate Coffee-Tea Filter For Camping

What could be simpler than a little individual reusable filter that sits inside your coffee mug? If you are looking for a pour-over or a press coffee maker but are short on space in your bag, consider this option.

Features and Specifications

  • Plastic structure with stainless steel mesh
  • Brews a single serving of coffee or tea
  • Lid doubles as drip tray

MSR Mugmate Coffee/Tea Filter
  • Package length: 20.574 cm
  • Package width: 11.684 cm
  • Package height: 5.334 cm

Weighing only an ounce and taking up almost no space, this coffee mug is a good choice for backpackers and cyclists to make camp coffee while traveling. Simply add a scoop of your favorite coffee and place the filter in the mug. The tabs at the top rest on the rim, as long as you don’t have an extra wide mug. Now boil water, and then simply pour the boiling water over the coffee in the filter.

Depending on your preference, you can allow the coffee to steep in the water (similar to the French press) or pour it over. The combination simply makes it a portable coffee mug that easily fits in your backpack.

The lid is not tight-fitting, so you can’t store ground coffee in the filter. However, it can help keep the coffee or tea hot while steeping and you can use it as a drip tray afterward.

This product is really good if you are making coffee for one or two people, and require a lightweight and compact coffee brewing option. What can be better than just carrying a coffee mug that let’s brew and drink both! A lot of space can be saved with this.

7. Primula Brew Buddy

Primula Brew  Buddy Outdoor Coffee Maker

Here is another one for people who love the magic of pour over coffee. This simple piece can even fit within your pocket. It’s a patented design and can brew coffee within 30 seconds.

All you need is a mug or cup, hot water and coffee grounds. Use medium coarse grounds, and not very fine. To brew, just place brew buddy on top of your mug, put coffee grounds and pour over the hot water. Leave until your desired strength is reached.

Primula Brew Buddy Portable Pour Over, Reusable Fine...
  • COFFEE ON THE GO - Anytime, anywhere. Easy...
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Patented brewing...
  • EASY TO USE - All you need is coffee, a cup...

Previosuly for this purpose, paper filters were used and many people didn’t liked the infusion of paper smell in the coffee. So, this new design came up by Primula which quickly picked up.

On the whole, though, Brew Buddy make great coffee, take up very little space, and are easy to customize for each person’s taste. Moreover, they are one of the best options as a backpacking coffee maker.

8. Farberware Stainless Steel Camping Coffee Percolator

Farberware Yosemite Coffee Percolator

This percolator is not marketed as proper camping gear, but at less than 20 dollars, it can easily fit inside the backpack. If one can arrange a heating system or a campfire kind of thing outdoors, this percolator can give great results. The brewing process is almost the same as that of the Moka pot stovetop coffee makers, but the result is a little different.

Features and Specifications

  • Heavy-duty polished stainless steel
  • Clear plastic dome
  • Permanent filter base
  • 8 cup capacity

How to Use a Camping Coffee Percolator?

Percolators are a bit out of fashion at the moment. But if you love the taste of percolated coffee, why not enjoy it every morning during your camping trip? For best results, use 2 tablespoons of coarse-ground coffee for every cup, start with cold water and let it percolate for about 5 to 7 minutes once it starts boiling. You’ll be able to see how dark it is through the clear plastic dome.

Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel...
  • Classic coffee maker: Make delicious coffee...
  • Durable and convenient: Heavy-duty stainless...
  • No mess: Features a permanent filter basket,...

One small problem with this (and every) percolator is that the dome on top can melt or break. Back in the 60s when percolators were standard in most American kitchens, people used to keep a couple of extra glass domes handy. They’re still readily available and inexpensive, so a good option as a outdoor coffee maker.

9. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aerobie Aeropress Espresso maker

Espresso, latte or Americano? This might not be a question you associate with waking up in a tent, but with this Camping AeroPress, you can easily make your favorite morning drinks wherever you are.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Includes paper microfilters

Purchase includes AeroPress device, filters and holder, scoop, funnel, and stirring paddle. Aeropress produces a coffee that tastes similar to espresso, but with much less effort. You simply add the ground coffee, set it over a mug, and add hot water. After stirring for about ten seconds, slowly press down the plunger. You can drink the it as espresso, or add hot water or milk for an Americano or latte.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag -...
  • Popular with coffee enthusiasts worldwide,...
  • Good-bye French Press! The rapid brewing...
  • Makes 1 to 3 cups of American style coffee...

The grind is not critical; in fact, you should use something less fine than an espresso grind to avoid clogging the device. Moreover, the paper filter removes some of the volatile oils, so if you prefer to keep the flavor of the oils, look for a reusable mesh filter.

Aeropress is considered to be one of the best camp coffee maker for outdoors by users because of it’s convenience and portability.

10. JetBoil Flash Lava Kit Portable

JetBoil Flash Lava Kit

Long gone are the days of metal coffee pot sitting over a wood fire in the middle of the woods. Today’s camp coffee has taken on a more elegant and efficient form. Now you can brew fresh, delicious coffee in a self-contained unit that easily fits into any backpack.

The Jetboil Flash Java Kit provides all of the essential components for making quality brewed coffee while enjoying the great outdoors. Complete with an easy one-touch ignition stainless steel burner, you don’t even have to worry about starting a fire. Simply ignite the burner, add water and coffee, and let nature take its course!

Features and Specifications

  • High volume, 1.0-Liter FluxRing® cooking cup, complete with cozy
  • Convenient one-touch push-button ignition
  • Color-change technology to indicate temperature change
  • Built-in strainer
  • Drink-through lid with additional pour spout
  • All in one measuring cup/bowl that serves as the bottom cover
  • Portable stainless steel, adjustable stove burner

What makes the Jetboil Flash Java Kit such a success is its compact design. It uses the plunger method for brewing coffee and the strainer is conveniently built into the cup. This means that you don’t have to worry about extra parts to keep up with.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about loose coffee grounds in your morning cup of coffee. The bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup or a bowl, adding yet more convenience to the compact design. Furthermore, the 100g fuel canister (sold separately) fits snugly into the cup, meaning the whole unit takes up minimal space.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System - Original Flash...
  • Boasts a 1.0 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with...
  • Includes color-change heat indicator to let...
  • Compatible with all Jetboil accessories; Pot...

Another key feature of this outdoor coffee maker is the brewing speed. Capable of bringing water to a boil in under 2 minutes, this system is as fast as it is compact. The cup will change color to indicate that the water is to temperature. This ensures that you have the best tasting cup of coffee each and every time.

11. GSI Outdoors Java Press Mini – Portable Coffee Maker

GSI Outdoors Java Press Outdoor Coffee Maker

For those who don’t need the burner and accessories that come with other kits, GSI offers its Outdoors Java Press. This simple, yet effective design combines all the elements that campers crave. The lightweight materials used in the Java Press’ construction makes it easy to carry. The compact size means that you can fit this coffee maker into any small space in your backpack or duffle. And the durable plastic construction ensures that this coffee press is designed to endure the abuse of the outdoors.

Features and Specifications

  • High volume, 50 oz capacity
  • Clear plastic design, made from BPA-Free materials
  • Durable plastic construction guaranteed to be shatter resistant
  • Lightweight and compact design for greater portability
  • Silicone ring plunger ensures improved coffee straining
  • Easily removable insulating sleeve
  • Double-wall design for increased thermal efficiency
  • Insulated lid to reduce heat loss
  • Easy to clean

The GSI Java Press Coffee Maker is the ideal selection for campers who already have a reliable heat source. It is lightweight and durable, making it the perfect design for arduous outdoor adventures. Simply add boiling water to your favorite coffee grounds and let sit for a few minutes while it brews. Once brewed, depress the internal filter, moving the coffee grounds to the bottom of the container. A silicone ring design guarantees that no loose grounds will be left floating in the final product.

GSI Outdoors, 30 Fl Oz JavaPress, French Press Coffee...
  • ESCAPE THE DAILY GRIND: This easy, mess-free...
  • THE PERFECT CUP OF JOE: Featuring the best of...
  • FUELED FOR ADVENTURE: Holding a full 30 fluid...

With an easy to remove sleeve, the GSI Java Drip Coffee Maker will keep your coffee hot long after brewing. This means that you can enjoy it all day long, when you are far from your campsite. BPA Free plastic materials make this coffee press completely safe, protecting you from any potential chemical interactions with boiling water. The plastic is not only safe and durable, but it is also easy to clean. This makes the GSI Java Press durable, efficient and totally convenient.

12. GSI Outdoors 1 Cup Stainless Mini Espresso

GSI Outdoors 4 Cup Stainless Mini Expresso

For campers who need something a little more sophisticated than regular coffee, GSI has designed the answer for you. If you are trying to find an espresso maker for camping, the GSI Outdoors 1 Cup Stainless Mini will bring elegant espresso to any environment, including the rugged outdoors.

With a compact shape, this European style stovetop portable espresso maker fits easily into any backpack or duffle bag. Despite being stainless steel, this model is still relatively light, weighing in at just over one pound. The strength of the stainless steel construction makes this a more durable model than its aluminum predecessor.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact design fits into any backpack or camping kit
  • Solid stainless steel construction ensures increased durability
  • Capable of brewing a full 8 ounces of top quality espresso
  • Fast brewing time allows the process in just a few minutes
  • Comes with instructions for use and additional recipes

With solid stainless steel construction, the GSI Outdoors Stainless Mini Espresso maker is designed for rugged environments. Improved gasket designs also increase the water-tightness of the unit, preventing annoying leaks where the two halves join.

Additional screw threads help to make the join more secure as well. Overall, this model is a stronger, more secure design over the earlier aluminum model.

GSI Outdoors 1-Cup Stainless Mini Espresso Maker
  • Lightweight, portable mini stovetop espresso...
  • Brews one double shot (2.5 fluid ounces) in...
  • Made from ultra-rugged Glacier stainless...

As well as being strong, the stainless steel model is designed to be fast. Providing 8 oz of piping hot espresso in just a few minutes, the GSI Mini is perfect for small groups. The final product can provide for four separate double shot strength drinks, making any morning that much better! Whether with companions or alone, this model is the perfect blend of convenience, compactness, and reliability.

13. Staresso Camping Espresso Maker

Staresso Coffee Maker With Espresso

For those who can’t choose between coffee and espresso, Staresso has solved the dilemma for you. The Staresso Coffee Maker provides all in one brewing capability to brew Espresso, Cappuccino, and Quick Cold Brew. Now you can brew any style of drink, from coffee to cappuccino, in any environment. As well as being thoroughly versatile, this Staresso model is built to last.

Made of strong stainless steel, you can bring this travel coffee maker on an expedition or adventure.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact design for easy carrying and portability
  • Solid metal construction makes this model very durable
  • Simple design makes for easy use and convenient cleaning
  • Capable of making brewed coffee or espresso
  • Cold brew capability allows for quick cold water brewing
  • Able to produce between 15 and 20 bars of pressure
  • Full versatility allows for customization of drink strength and texture

The hand pump design of the Staresso Coffee Maker means that you don’t have to use co2 cartridges for pressure. Not only does this help to reduce waste, but it helps reduce the amount of equipment you need to bring. The plastic pump allows you to create between 15 and 20 bars of pressure using nothing more than elbow grease!

This pressure is enough to provide top quality espresso for your morning beverage. Additionally, the pressure will allow you to make milk foam for the perfect latte or cappuccino. Now even those with the most refined coffee palette can go on adventures into the wild unknown!

For those with a more modest coffee taste, the Staresso Coffee Maker can also make regular brewed coffee. Just add hot water and your favorite ground coffee beans and you are ready to go. For those hot days when a nice cold beverage would hit the spot, this model has just what you need.

Quick cold brew technology enables you to brew cold coffee cups for a more refreshing beverage in even the hottest climates. Compact, durable and versatile, the Staresso is ideal for all your adventure beverage needs!

14. Handpresso Pump Set

Handpresso Portable Outdoor Set

The Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Set is designed for those who enjoy a touch of style on their travels. Enclosed in a rich leather case, the Handpresso Pump unit will bring elegance to any adventure. The pump can produce up to 16 bars of pressure without CO2 cartridges, making this perfect for air travel. Set of 4 polycarbonate glasses, warm water thermos with temperature meter and a stylish napkin with the brand name will make any environment just that much more civilized!

Recently, I received the latest model of this Set by the company so that I can update the information here. Thanks Handpresso Team!  The latest model includes a temperature meter on the flask. The bag is made more elegant by everything inside is now black in place of brown. Rest of the things remain the same.

Features and Specifications

  • Hand pump technology for added convenience
  • Includes four unbreakable, clear polycarbonate cups
  • High capacity 11 oz thermal flask
  • EVA construction ensures stability at up to 50 psi of pressure
  • Capable of reaching 16 bars of pressure
  • Elegant carry case includes a napkin for an added touch of class
  • Brewing versatility can use loose grounds or ESE pods with included adapters
  • The handle of the pump acts as a tamper and so it’s not needed as an extra

The Handpresso Outdoor Set is as durable as it is elegant.The extreme vibration attenuation construction means that the unit can endure pressure up to 50 psi. This guarantees that the unit won’t crack or leak even under the pressure needed for high-quality espresso.

The ability to use loose espresso or espresso pods makes this model as versatile as it is elegant. Simply pump the hand pump, add water and coffee, and you are on your way to elegant espresso Nirvana!

Handpresso can also be a perfect gift for people with coffee lovers with desire to travel. The enclosing box looks very elegant and depicts the love for coffee by the manufacturer!

Handpresso Outdoor Set in Silver
  • Lightweight case and accessories weigh less...
  • Portable Espresso maker and accessories let...
  • Compatible with ground Coffee and ease. Pods

15. Wacaco Minipresso NS Espresso Maker – Nespresso Compatible

Wacaco is a great companion for Nespresso coffee lovers as it is one of the best handheld portable coffee maker which is Nespresso compatible. With this, you even don’t have grinds to clean up, instead just pop out the used capsule and wipe the equipment, and all done. So, it gives you a portable Nespresso machine ability on the go.

Features and Specifications

  • Hand pump technology for added convenience
  • Weighs just 0.8 lb
  • 2.35 oz water tank
  • Food grade plastic, BPA free
  • Capable of reaching 8 bars of pressure
  • No grinds to clean up with capsule system
  • Elegant carry pouch
  • Can be used with Nespresso or compatible capsules
Wacaco Portable Coffee Maker

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine,...
  • [ENCAPSULATED ESPRESSO] Compatible with NS...
  • [MANUAL OPERATION ONLY] Add any compatible...
  • [GREAT PARTNER FOR TRAVEL] Minipresso NS is...

Having this coffee maker for camping enables you to have a lot of variety from capsules by Nespresso. To use this, you just need to have hot water and compatible capsules. Carry it anywhere, whether on outdoors, office or just roaming. It weighs less than 1 lb and is merely 7 inches long. The water tank capacity is 2.35 oz/70 ml, enough for a single or double shot.

Consider EZE Hand Burr Coffee Grinder Add on

EZE Hand Burr Grinder

If you’re a hardcore coffee enthusiast who loves to have freshly ground coffee beans every time, you’ll be happy to learn that you can continue your habit even in the wilderness with your favorite camping coffee maker!

Features and Specifications

  • Ceramic burr grinder
  • Adjustable grind at the turn of a knob
  • Stainless steel body
  • Compact and portable
  • AeroPress compatible

EZE Homegoods Hand Coffee Mill Grinder with Conical...
  • BUILT TO LAST – Constructed using high...

This coffee grinder is inexpensive, compact enough to take backpacking, quiet to use, and gives complete control over how fine or coarse you grind your coffee. If you have a habit to use freshly ground coffee beans, then a manual grinder is a must.

So, if you have an AeroPress, just attach the grinder and grind your coffee directly into it. Some people have found that the plastic ring inside the grinder eventually breaks. The good news is that EZE has good customer service and also guarantees its products. Also, be aware that it takes a fair amount of elbow grease to grind coffee by hand, especially at the finer settings.

How To Make Latte Without A Coffee Maker

With a little practice, we can even make yourself a decent latte with powdered milk. The key is to mix it with a couple tablespoons of cold water (or even better, canned milk) before you add the boil water. It only gets that “powdered milk taste” when you mix it directly with hot water. Toss in a tiny whisk for frothing, and you’re all set. To make creamer for coffee, mix equal parts of powdered milk and cold water. Do not forget to clean your coffee maker after use as they can generate foul smell while on the go.

That was a quick tip and now, lets get ahead to know things which allow us to brew coffee without an automatic coffee maker. Here is the list!

Wrapping Up

With all the above mini and portable coffee makers, we hope you’ve somewhere found the desired. We’ve tried to list only the best models available and are popular within travel nomads. The above picked collection have already been used by many hippie travelers, and so you can choose any with confidence.