Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines Under $1000

Time is always running and doesn’t waits for anyone, seriously. Many of us are so busy that sometimes, a 24 hours day seems short. Coffee is a ritual that refreshes us in between and can be even said as necessity. If you are an espresso drinker, you must be aware about the time and dedication required to prepare coffee. Whereas, if you have a super automatic, the machine does most of the things automatically for you thus saving much of time and efforts. Here we will be talking about the super automatic espresso machines that are best and under $1000, so that they can be affordable to most of the people.

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines Under $1000

Top 5 Super Automatic Espresso Machines Under $1000

For an espresso lover with time constraints, spending $1000 on a trusted super automatic is like an opportunity that can’t be missed. It’s not a bad thing that you are in some limited budget, as there are options available that are reliable and are already serving people from long time. Through, some of the features are missed, but still the relevant ones that are actually required to make a good cup of coffee are there.

  1. Gaggia Brera
  2. Breville BES870XL
  3. Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica
  4. Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS
  5. Jura Impressa C65

#1 Gaggia Brera Super Automatic

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic

Brera is an entry level super automatic who’s price can’t be beaten. With a price tag below $500, this machine delivers great cups of espresso. With a bypass doser and the ceramic burr grinder, one can brew with whole bean or with the pre-ground coffee. The panneralo steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser too for preparing americano or tea.

Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions : 15.5 x 10 x 11.5 in
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Smaller in size that fits most of the places
  • Steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser
  • Water tank and dreg box can be accessed via front panel
  • Easy to use interface, no hiccups
  • Push button controls
  • Brew group can be removed for cleaning
  • Can brew with beans as well as pre ground coffee
  • Coffee potency : User can select 7-10 grams of coffee per cup

So, overall this machine is great buy that makes great coffee as well. People have claimed this machine for making amazing espresso consistently over time. It’s an old saying, the lesser the hiccups in a machine, the longer it will serve.

#2 Breville BES870XL

Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Breville is a trusted name in coffee appliances and this machine can be said as the most successful model by the brand. It is even listed as ‘Amazon’s choice’, which means it performs extremely well and is trust able. It’s available in 3 colors: stainless steel, black or red. And most of all, this machine comes with all the basic amenities required at starting up like portafilter, tamper, pitcher etc. We cannot say it as a fully automatic machine, but it deserves a call when we are talking about super espresso machines.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions :12.5 x 13.25 x 15.75 in
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Power rating : 1600 watt thermocoil heating system
  • 67 ounce removable water tank with handle
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • Auto purge
  • Grind settings allow to choose the desired grind size and amount
  • Removable drip tray
  • Storage under drip tray
  • Cleaning required indicator
  • 360 degree swivel steam wand
  • 54 mm stainless steel portafilter included with 54mm tamper
  • Cleaning kit included

The package been provided by Breville with this machine is the best deal you may ever get with any espresso machine. Along with the package, it also serves great cup of coffee for a long span of time if taken care of periodically.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine (Kitchen)

List Price:$599.95 USD
New From:$549.98 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

#3 Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Coffee Machine

Now this one is another popular model from the house of De’Longhi that is already serving many households. It’s compact, looks nice and most of all performs well. The manual frothing wand allows us to create the foam as desired or else just place the container with milk, and the machine will do the work for you. The control panel consists of a rotary knob and a few push buttons that doesn’t seems complicated as in bigger machines.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions :11 x 15 x 14 in
  • Weight: 28.2 pounds
  • Patented and removable compact boiler allows easy cleaning
  • Instant Reheat
  • Removable 60 ounce water reservoir
  • Removable 7 ounce bean container
  • Conical low noise burr grinder
  • Adjustable coffee spigot for small cup to large mug
  • Adjustable quantity of water and coffee : long or short, weak or strong
  • Programmable

This machine can be trusted for long term which is stated by over 800 positive reviews on Amazon. Few people are even using the machine from over 6-8 years which says how it is performing. It is well placed around the price tag of $600 which is a lot less than the machines from Jura or Saeco.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine (Kitchen)

List Price:$522.95 USD
New From:$522.95 USD In Stock
Used from:$522.95 USD In Stock

#4 Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS

Delonghi Magnifica XS

If you would like to have some striking look with your super automatic, the De’Longhi ECAM22110SB can be your best pick. It looks futuristic with a large display and bold black square buttons, something like a robotic machine. It comes with built in filtration system, so you can simply use your tap water. It packs many functions yet it’s compact. There are two features in this machine making it distinct from others – first the aroma button that helps extract the fuller flavor; and second the energy saving switch that saves up to 77 percent of power.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 17 x 13.8 in
  • Weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Large digital display
  • Energy saving switch saves upto 77 percent power
  • One touch drink selection buttons
  • Advanced manual frother
  • Brew strength control
  • Programmable
  • Front accessible and removable water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray
  • Machine cleaning indicator
  • Dishwasher safe parts

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso Machine (Kitchen)

List Price:$639.99 USD
New From:$639.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$639.99 USD In Stock

#5 Jura Impressa C65

Jura C65 Super Espresso

Jura is a name that can’t be missed when talking about the Super Espresso machines and moreover, when it’s costing under $1000 limit. It is a name that comes at first in this category and is known for fine workmanship and quality products. This machine achieves the same with beautiful seamless design. There is an advanced dial switch that does all the operations. Just turn the dial for desired operation and press, it’s done.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11 x 16.1 x 13.6 in
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Simple operation with minimum controls
  • Seamless display
  • High quality conical grinder
  • Height adjustable spout
  • Fine and consistent foam milk frother
  • Hot water function
  • Energy saving mode
  • Adjustable coffee strength

If you are looking for the best quality machine, this one is no doubt the best pick and comes for the complete $999. But if you want some settings to be controlled by your self as in Breville, it’s not achievable. Jura is for just pure fully automation.

Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum (Kitchen)

List Price:$1,200.00 USD
New From:$949.79 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Read More About Jura C65 ]


Hope  the above range of super automatic espresso machines satisfies your needs. There are few more options but here, we have opted only the best ones that are for the long run and are already serving coffee in many homes.

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