Best Single Serve Coffee Maker 2017 | Top 12 Picks

With time and advancement, coffee makers have evolved a lot and one popular format is the Single Serve Coffee Maker. These allow user to brew single cup of coffee at a time with just a push of button. With these coffee makers, you are left with almost no mess and can brew very easy and fast. If you live alone, or are the only coffee drinker at home or office, you really require a coffee maker that is designed to brew one cup at a time.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Collection 2017

Large coffee makers use more electricity, take up too much valuable counter space, or they may just not be designed to make great-tasting coffee in one cup quantities. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to brew single coffee servings. Whether you prefer K-cups, automatic drip coffee makers, or machines that use soft “Senseo” style pods, there are Single Serve Brewers for every taste and budget.

Because it doesn’t take that long to brew a single mug of coffee, most of the these machines don’t include timers that allow you to wake up to already-brewed coffee. Some people have found a way to get around this by using a timer switch on the electrical outlet were the coffee maker is plugged in. Simply set the timer on the switch, and leave the coffee brewer ON. Just keep in mind that it only takes 2 to 5 minutes to brew a single mug of coffee, so a timer probably won’t be a big priority for most people. Here, we are going to show the top notch single serve machines that are already doing great for many consumers and come with wise selection of features with right price tags.

What Is The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker To Buy

  1. Keurig K55
  2. Black N Decker DCM18S
  3. Kitchen Selectives CM-688
  4. KitchenAid KCM0402ER
  5. Hamilton Beach 49970
  6. Hamilton Beach 49981a
  7. Nespresso Pixie
  8. Bunn MyCafe MCU
  9. Cuisinart SS700
  10. Keurig K250 2.0
  11. Cafejo French Press
  12. Bella One Scoop

#1 Keurig K55 Single Cup

Keurig really got the ball rolling on single serve coffee with its convenient pod system. The K55 is one of the Best K Cup Coffee Maker of 2017 and is the easiest to make yourself a coffee mug. After the discontinuation of it’s viral model K45, the company introduced K55 which came with improvements along with a price drop.

Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Uses K-cups and other brands of K cups
  • Compatible with My K-cup for using your own ground coffee
  • Three different brew sizes: 6, 8 and 10 ounces
  • 48-ounce water reservoir
  • One-touch brewing
  • It’s a single cup but can brew one by one fast and continuous with the large water tank
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Removable drip tray
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Cannot brew ground coffee directly
  • There is no control over how strong you make the coffee with the K-cups
  • Mostly plastic parts

This is a very easy machine to use, particularly when you’re still feeling groggy in the morning! You just  simply have to press the power button and choose the 6, 8, or 10 ounce brew button. It takes the machine about 4 minutes to heat up, and after that, you can brew a coffee in just one minute. The main advantage of Keurig system is that one can keep a wide variety of flavors, roasts and other options around even if the machine is used occasionally. The K55 is also great for making tea and hot chocolate. If one prefers to use his own ground coffee, he simply has to purchase a reusable K-cup filter. This machine also gives the option of removing the drip tray, which is useful taller mug has to be used.

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black (Kitchen)

List Price:$99.99 USD
New From:$89.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$57.28 USD In Stock

To keep the machine running smoothly, you should clean and descale it once every three to six months and should also replace the water filter after every 60 reservoir refills (or about 2 months).

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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker No Pods

#2 Black N Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go

As its name implies, this coffee maker is perfect for anyone who likes to brew a single mug of coffee and take it with them on commute. It is a single cup auto drip and comes with its own travel mug that fits almost in all car cup holders. This is an affordable single serve as well as the best drip coffee maker pick for any busy commuter looking for a cheap option.

Black and Decker DCM18S Coffee maker

Features and Specifications

  • Brews into 15-ounce travel coffee mug (included)
  • Mug tapered to fit most car cup holders
  • Comes with permanent reusable filter
  • Filter, basket, mug and lid are all dishwasher safe
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Fast, takes 2 minutes to brew and 5 to drip
  • One-year warranty against defects



  • Space between the dispenser could have been larger to fit taller cups
  • Permanent filter lets the grounds enter your cup if you are using fine grind
  • No Timer

This coffee maker is an ideal choice if you like to make regular drip coffee and are the only coffee drinker in the house. It’s fast, space saver and so doesn’t takes up much room on your counter. Moreover, it also makes a great cup of coffee.

The Brew ‘n Go comes with a reusable mesh filter. If you prefer the taste or the easy clean-up of paper filters, you can use a #2 cone filter instead. Even with the reusable filter, cleaning up is pretty easy – you just tap out the grounds and give it a quick rinse.

BLACK+DECKER Brew ‘n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug, Black/Stainless Steel, DCM18S (Kitchen)

List Price:$22.99 USD
New From:$18.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$30.99 USD In Stock

One potential drawback of this machine is that, there is no timer, so you can’t set it to brew the night before. However, because it takes a maximum of 5 minutes to brew a mug, this should not be a big problem for most people. If you fill the water reservoir and put the ground coffee in the filter before bed, you will have coffee at the push of a button in the morning.

#3 Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Single Cup

This stylish little machine takes up almost no space on your counter, and will brew you a 12-ounce cup of coffee in the included ceramic mug. It’s a bare-bones machine, but it delivers a great cup of coffee with very little fuss or mess.

Kitchen Selectives CM-688 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Brews 12 ounces
  • Ceramic mug included
  • Removable drip tray for taller mug
  • Reusable mesh filter included
  • Illuminated on/off button
  • Takes up a very little space
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Designed stylish and is available in a variety of colors


  • Maximum 6 inch cups can be accommodated after removing drip tray
  • Maximum brewing limit is 12 oz which might be less for coffee addicts
  • Sediments present sometimes in your cup
  • Little messy


While this coffee maker won’t fill as large a mug as the Black N Decker machine, it’s a good choice if all you’re looking for is a 12-ounce mug of coffee. The reusable filter also has plenty of room for extra ground coffee if you like a really strong brew. Customers also report that the brewing temperature is hot enough that many other models are unable to reach. The machine includes a 12-ounce white ceramic mug with your purchase. This mug and all of the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

It has nothing in the way of extra bells and whistles, and one drawback is the lack of an automatic shut-off. You really have to get yourself into the habit of turning off as soon as you finish brewing the coffee. The fact that the power button is illuminated will serve as a good reminder and catch your attention if you forget to turn it off.

Kitchen Selectives CM-688 1-Cup Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker, Black (Kitchen)

List Price:$16.13 USD
New From:$17.49 USD In Stock
Used from:$15.00 USD In Stock

The filter basket is of slightly unusual shape, which is not good news if you chose to use disposable paper filters. Soft pods might work, but otherwise you’re better off just using the reusable filter that comes with the machine. It can be simply said best one cup machine in terms of cuteness.

#4 KitchenAid KCM0402ER Personal Single Serve

This is another great looking coffee maker that will add a touch of retro style to your kitchen without taking up a lot of room. It’s tall, it’s bold and for the looks, anyone is going to love it. It dispenses coffee directly into an insulated travel mug, which is included with your purchase.

KitchenAid KCM0402ER Single Serve Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Removable water reservoir with handle
  • 18 ounce insulated travel mug
  • Gold-tone reusable filter
  • One-touch brewing
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Brew Strength can be controlled
  • Brews maximum of 18 oz in one shot, which is good for coffee addicts


  • Water pouring hole is a little on the small side
  • Included Gold Filter allows some grounds to the cup
  • It’s tall and so doesn’t fits many cabinets

This little Single Cup Coffee Brewer by Kitchen Aid makes hot, strong barista-style coffee at a press of a button. It comes in a variety of colors and includes a color-coordinated travel mug. The reusable gold-tone filter allows you to choose how strong you like the coffee, and can brew any amount up to 18 ounces. If you don’t like mesh filters, you can substitute a #2 paper filter.

Some customers have found that, while the included travel mug looks like a high-quality stainless steel vessel in pictures, it’s rather cheaply made. It is plastic on the inside, stainless steel on the outside, and it doesn’t insulates very well. You can easily pour the coffee into the mug after brewing if you don’t like the included one, or just brew directly into a different mug of the right height.

KitchenAid KCM0402ES Personal Coffee Maker – Espresso (Kitchen)

List Price:$99.99 USD
New From:$86.71 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

This coffeemaker has an automatic shut-off for extra peace of mind. And if you encounter any problems, Kitchenaid will replace it within a year, hassle-free. Why we are not considering this at the top of the best single serve coffee maker collection is because of it’s brand awareness and utility design. But if you are open to retro styles that are somewhat distinct, there is nothing more beautiful than this single serve machine.

#5 Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Pod Brewer

First of all, this coffee brewer uses soft pods, which are a convenient (and much cheaper!) alternative to the K-cup style of pod. Additionally, the machine comes with a selection of Melitta coffee pods to get you started. You can make your coffee cup with almost no mess with this machine. In addition, the machine is sleek and looks stylish in the kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Brews up to 12 ounces
  • One-touch brewing
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Cheaper to owe and operate
  • Comes with sample Melitta coffee pods
  • Dishwasher-safe brew basket
  • Mess-free brewing
  • Mug not included


  • Cup size is limited to 12oz
  • Coffee is little weak

This coffee maker costs much less than a Keurig, and the coffee pods are cheaper as well. So, if you like the taste of automatic drip and the convenience of K-cups, this is a good compromise. To brew, you simply fill the tank, pop a soft pod into the basket, and press the “ON” button.

Although soft pods are cheaper than K-cups, they’re still more expensive than using your own ground coffee. Fortunately there are a number of options out there, both disposable and reusable, that allow you to make your own soft coffee pods. This also gives you the option of choosing how strong you like your coffee. Some people complain that one pod is not enough for a strong mug of coffee, and that they often have to use 2 pods per cup.
This Hamilton Beach machine also features an automatic shut-off. Note that the purchase doesn’t include a mug, but you should be able to fit any 12-ounce coffee mug into the machine.

Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer (Kitchen)

List Price:$19.99 USD
New From:$15.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$15.99 USD In Stock

#6 Hamilton Beach 49981A

The Hamilton Beach 49981A is an innovative single cup coffee machine that provides versatility, consistency and quality in a simple, yet elegant design. It has also been ranked by the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) for it’s unconventional design and optimized brewing. A metal filter allows you to use any coffee you wish, freeing you from the limitations and expense of pre-packaged coffee pods. Additionally, the single-serve scoop filter guarantees that you use the perfect amount of coffee each and every time.

Hamilton Beach 49981a Single Cup Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Cup size versatility. The Hamilton Beach 49981A is equipped with a fully adjustable cup stand, capable of holding both regular size mugs and tall travel mugs.
  • Adjustable brewing strength. A single press of a button allows you to choose between regular drip-strength coffee or an extra bold brew for those extra difficult mornings.
  • Perfect coffee portioning. A single-serve scoop filter ensures that you get the perfect measure of coffee each and every time.
  • Fast brewing. A freshly brewed 8 oz. cup of coffee is only 90 seconds away with the 49981 A.
  • Stainless steel construction. The stainless steel construction of the Hamilton Beach 49981 A provides durability and style, along with a surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Auto shut off. An automatic shut off switch means you don’t have to worry about leaving your coffee pot on ever again.
  • Uses real coffee. By using real coffee instead of pods, the 49981A opens up infinite possibilities, allowing you to choose any flavor from any company that roasts coffee.


  • Coffee doesn’t stays hot for long
  • Cleaning is not a breeze

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker (Kitchen)

List Price:$35.02 USD
New From:$29.64 USD In Stock
Used from:$23.71 USD In Stock

As well as providing perfectly brewed coffee, the Hamilton Beach 49981A eliminates complicated cleanup with its dishwasher safe parts. When a simple wipe and rinse isn’t enough, simply put the removable filter, tray and scoop into the dishwasher for a thorough, sterile clean. Coupled with an automatic turn off switch, this machine is the best single serve coffee maker for anyone living in the fast lane.

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#7 Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso Pixie is an ideal single serve pod coffee maker for people on the go. Providing the high quality you expect from Nespresso, the Pixie is a mix of quality, simplicity and convenience. Brew single espresso shots or whole cups of coffee, in regular or tall size mugs, all with the convenience of the Nespresso capsule system.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Features and Specifications

  • Cup size versatility. The foldable drip tray enables you to brew directly into regular size mugs or the taller size travel mugs.
  • Convenient water reservoir. The Pixie’s 24 oz. water reservoir means that you can brew several cups of coffee before having to refill the water.
  • Versatile brewing. A single press of a button will give you the perfect shot of espresso, or a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.
  • Easy to read indicators. LED backlights provide subtle, easy to read water level indicators.
  • Used capsule storage. The Nespresso Pixie has a built in bin for used capsules. Instead of having to empty every time, you can now brew up to 12 drinks before having to empty the bin.
  • Quick heating. The Pixie’s 30 second pre-heat time means that a perfectly coffee beverage is only ever a moment away.
  • High pressure system. Enjoy coffee-shop quality beverages with a high-pressure pump system that provides 19 bars of pressure.
  • Automated safety features. An automatic shut off, coupled with a low water alert, means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your machine.


  • Smaller water reservoir
  • Pods are a little on the expensive side

Nespresso Pixie D60 Espresso Machines, Brick Red (Kitchen)

List Price:$229.00 USD
New From:$240.00 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The quality and versatility of the Nespresso Pixie is matched only by its simplicity of design. All commands require the insertion of Nespresso pods and simple press of a button, while automatic shut off and low water level warnings make this machine foolproof. A perfect choice for anyone who wants a no-nonsense machine that provides top quality beverages.

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#8 Bunn MCU Single-Cup MyCafe

The Bunn MyCafe MCU is a mix of quality and total versatility in a simple, yet durable design. Choose any beverage from the full range of pre-packaged K-Cups, fresh ground coffee, hot chocolate or tea in any form. The single serve design eliminates the cleanup of water reservoirs or other compartments. Simply plug in, add only what you need, and you are ready to go.

Bunn My Cafe MCU

Features and Specifications

  • Beverage versatility. The Bunn MyCafe MCU offers the full brewing range of K-Cups and fresh ground coffee, as well as loose tea, tea bags, and tea pods.
  • Brewing versatility. The MyCafe allows you to choose from a 4 oz. espresso drink to a full 14 oz. cup of hot, delicious coffee or tea.
  • Fast brewing. The quick heating time allows you to brew a cup of tea or coffee in under 60 seconds.
  • Bold flavor option. The Pulse Brew option enables you to get a bolder, richer flavor by introducing the water in slower increments.
  • Cup size versatility. Keep the drip tray in place for regular size mugs, or remove it to accommodate taller size travel mugs.
  • Interchangeable brewing drawers. Easy to change drawers allow you to brew any kind of beverage without complicated commands or extra steps.
  • Simplicity of design. The simple stainless steel design makes this model easy to clean and maintain. The lack of a water reservoir means cleanup is easy and quick.
  • Quality guaranteed. A two year manufacturer’s warranty promises that the Bunn MyCafe MCU is designed and constructed to provide quality single serve beverages for many years to come.


  • A little noisy
  • 4 interchangeable brew heads require extra storage

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer (Kitchen)

List Price:Price Not Listed
New From:$129.88 USD In Stock
Used from:$103.90 USD In Stock

The Bunn MyCafe MCU is a perfect choice for those who only ever brew one beverage at a time. While other models may enable you to brew multiple beverages by using water reservoirs and used capsule bins, the MyCafe offers a more compact, hassle free model perfect for those on the go.

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#9 Cuisinart SS700 Single-Serve

The Cuisinart SS700 Single Cup Coffee Maker is the pinnacle model for quality and customization. Determine the size, strength and temperature of your beverage, while choosing from over 200 varieties of K-Cup beverage capsules. The K-Cup convenience makes beverages as easy as they are delicious. This coffee maker sits on the higher price side and is a masterpiece for those who stick to ‘Perfect Coffee Dose’.

Cuisinart SS700 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Features and Specifications

  • Large capacity water reservoir. An 80 oz. water reservoir allows you to brew multiple drinks at a time without having to refill the water.
  • Versatile settings. Single button programming allows you to brew 5 different size beverages, including hot or iced.
  • Easy to read display. The blue LCD clock display means that all your information is bright and easy to read.
  • Internal water filter. An internal charcoal water filter ensures the purest water is used in making your beverage.
  • BPA free plastics. All plastic components on the Cuisinart SS 700 are BPA free, meaning that there is no chance of any chemical interactions with your drinks.
  • Automatic rinse. An automated rinse cycle means that no bitter aftertaste will result from coffee residue.
  • Guaranteed quality. A three year manufacturer’s warranty guarantees that your brewing system has the highest quality design and construction.
  • Fully programmable. The Cuisinart SS700 allows you to fully customize your beverages, offering full control over size, strength and even temperature.
  • One touch controls. Single touch controls mean that customization is simple and quick.


  • Complicated Controls
  • A little on the expensive side while one can brew a perfect cup in the Bunn MCU for 3/4th of the price

Whether you choose to entertain friends, or simply indulge yourself in a premium K-Cup beverage, the Cuisinart SS700 is a perfect all around single serve brewing system. Combining quality and convenience, this model is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the coffee shop experience from the comfort of their own home.

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#10 Keurig K250 2.0 Brewer

For those who like a balance of variety and convenience, Keurig offers the K250 2.0. It is already an established name under the single serving coffee makers and holds the most models. The K-Cup technology offers over 400 beverage flavors to choose from, while providing simplicity and minimal clean up. A sleek design and solid construction makes this model ideal for any kitchen.

Keurig K250 2.0 Brewer

Features and Specifications

  • Large capacity water reservoir. The Keurig K250’s 40 oz. water reservoir means that you can brew several beverages without having to worry about refilling your water.
  • Versatility of size. With 9 different brewing sizes to choose from, you can customize your drinks as if you were at the coffee shop.
  • Internal water filter. An easy to replace internal charcoal water filter will take away any funny tastes caused by water impurities.
  • Touch display. The 2 inch touch display is as easy to use as it is to read.
  • Easy clean up. With both a removable water reservoir and drip tray, the Keurig K250 is a snap to clean.
  • Brewing versatility. In addition to choosing your beverage size, you can also choose your beverage strength.
  • Optional carafe. The Keurig K250 is also capable of brewing a 4-cup carafe of coffee. The carafe is not included.
  • Beverage variety. The K250 uses Keurig’s K-Cups, offering over 400 different beverage options, while still providing the clean and convenient K-Cup experience.


  • Smaller water tank
  • No Auto On/Off as it’s siblings have

Keurig K250 Single Serve, Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black (Discontinued) (Kitchen)

List Price:$129.99 USD
New From:$120.00 USD In Stock
Used from:$129.00 USD In Stock

The carafe brewing capability makes this single serve model even more versatile than most. Now you can entertain friends with the quality of Keurig in the form of single serve or multi serve options. All the tastes of the coffee shop are only a touch screen away!

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#11 Cafejo My French Press Single Cup Coffee Maker

So, this is a recent addition to our list on 15 Sep 2017. It’s basically a portable and non electric coffee brewer that brews like a French Press without much mess. By less mess, we mean that it can even brew from K cups by Keurig or reusable K cups.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions : 10.8 x 4.8 x 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Brews 10 ounces
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • No electricity required
  • K cup adapter included
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Pitcher, microwave safe
  • Includes ground coffee adapter

Cafejo My French-Press with K-Cup Pod and Ground Coffee Adaptors Plus, Various Coffee Samples (Kitchen)

List Price:$39.99 USD
New From:$39.24 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

It’s a useful thing if you have already been using Keurig as you might already be knowing about K cups very well and the best flavors to use. If you are not having electricity for some reason or are on the go, this french press is going to be your great companion. What’s more, it brews amazing cup of coffee. The pitcher included is microwave safe, so if you want to raise some temperature, it’s easy. The K cup holders or reusable k cup can be used in your Keurig machine also.

#12 Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

With 600 watts of power and generous 14 ounce water tank, this coffee maker brews a great cup of coffee. It is much cheaper than other branded brewers and just costs around $20.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions : 10.31 x 8.5 x 5.12 in
  • Weight  : 1.9 lbs
  • 600 watts of power
  • Very small footprint
  • Adjustable plate for all size cups
  • Hot water function
  • Permanent filter included
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Just operates via On/Off switch

So, if you are looking to save some money on a single serve, this can be your machine. It even outputs hot water to make oatmeal, tea or soup. The adjustable drip tray fits almost all size of mugs. There is not clutter of controls on this machine so it’s very simple to operate. The filter is permanent so you won’t have to worry about paper filters.

Bella BLA14436 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel (Kitchen)

List Price:$19.99 USD
New From:$13.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Hope the above list helps you in finding the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker fitting your needs. While we have tried to compile the list with top rated single serve coffee machines under fair pricing and best ratings, there might be some which we have missed. If you have any in suggestion, feel free to mention it through comments.

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