Best Organic Coffee Beans


Best Organic Coffee Beans

There’s a line that’s been passed around for years. Chances are, you’ve probably heard it more than a million times, it goes something like; ‘You Are What You Eat.’

In a world where people don’t just need to get what they want. They need to get what they want – Now. The urgency of demand leads to companies cutting corners while sourcing and preparing their produce. While the result might reach you in a shorter time, it isn’t the best choice in the long run. In this article, we will be talking about the organic coffee beans – what they are, why use them and the best options.

What are Organic Beans

Coffee Berries

People over the last few years have become more aware. We’re not talking about social and cultural awareness, but self aware. There have been scores of seminars on looking into what we’re putting into our bodies, and looking out for our impact on both the environment and society. People are holding themselves accountable and the result is the growth of organic business. 

Most simply put, organic coffee ensures the absence of any outside intruders like chemical pesticides, herbicides and other additives. In order for coffee beans grown organically, they need to take root in the shade to avoid harmful damage from the harsh sun. 

Before brands are allowed to wear the badge of honor on their label however, they are required to have completed up to three years of cultivation while incorporating only natural pesticides and fertilisers in their fields. This is to ensure there is no hint of anything artificial tainting the plant. It is not just the growth cycle that is important. There can be no chemical co-conspirator even in the processing and packaging of the beans.  

The best part; naturally nurtured coffee beans, play a tiny role in taking a little bit of the guilt out from your caffeinated guilty pleasures and taste sinfully good while they do that.

The Best Organic Coffee Beans

For those of you who want to follow the brands footprint while monitoring your own, the good news is there are a lot of like minded souls out there. Coffee companies, both big and small are going the organic route, leaving you spoilt for choice. Here are a few that are currently at the top of our mind. 

#1 Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Organic Coffee

Hand picked high up in the mountains of Nicaragua; a bag of the first coffee on our list is going to leave you feeling like one of Captain Planet’s planeteers. Lifeboost coffee offers shade grown single origin Arabica beans. The coffee is low on acidity so you don’t have to worry about the impact a cup or three can have on your digestive system.The company came into being through the passion and consequent hunt for a coffee that could be indulged in everyday without a worry about the impact on personal health and the environment. 

Lifeboost coffee is GMO free. If you wished, you could follow the gene map of the plant, you’d find it free of any alien intrusions. The coffee is also free of any myco-toxins. So you can wave goodbye to the worry that mould can potentially interfere with and influence the taste of your daily coffee. The people at lifeboost one up the fair trade coffee companies by offering farmers up to thirty cents more than expected by that act. 

It’s not just the people of Nicaragua that they care about. A percentage of the profits that Lifeboost collects, are pumped into animal and environmental causes in the country.

Enjoy a slightly nutty light roast that releases a sweet fragrance of  hazelnut, caramel and vanilla. Or perhaps a medium nutty roast with a tinge of chocolate and splash of strawberry that goes down smooth might brighten up your day. The espresso or dark roast coffee with a hint of freshly-roasted cacao and earth wood and might be the kick you need

#2 Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano

Mayorga Cafe Cubano Oragnic

The next coffee on our list proudly carries its cultural heritage with it. Mayorga coffee offers dark roasted, shade grown single origin Arabica beans born in Latin America that have been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Mayorga offers its consumers non GMO kosher coffee. You can crack the beans gene code open at any level and find it to be free of any outside influences. 

Their signature blend is the result of a unique slow hand roasting technique that  beautifully balances the bold smoky hit with a hint of sweet vanilla. Apart from satisfying your daily demand for caffeine, a cup of  Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano also promises to increase energy and blood levels.

Mayorga Organics Café Cubano, 5lb bag, Dark Roast...
  • MAYORGA ORGANICS CAFÉ CUBANO is a dark roast...
  • IN THIS UNIQUE BLEND Our Roastmaster craft...
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED from quality-inspected,...

The company works more as a family unit than a business. Their primary goal is to narrow the gap between the coffee growers and market sellers. In an effort to ensure the farmers get their fair due, the employees of the company are in contact with the farmers every day. They make regular visits to the fields and problem solve on ways to further finance the supply chain. 

#3 Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger

Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Organic

Riding in next is a coffee that promises to kick your ass with coffee beans that are pure, pesticide free and bursting with flavour. Kicking Horse coffee was one of the first coffee companies in Canada to sign the Transfair Canada which worked to lay the groundwork to bring about Fair Trade Coffee in Canada.

Seven years after the company launched, they modified their approach to ensure they were only sourcing and processing 100% organic coffee beans. Kicking Horse has independent auditors come in randomly every few months  to audit and ensure the absence of pesticides and herbicides in their coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso, Medium...
  • Unique Pentax technology: Pentax Bright,...
  • Tasting notes, brew method: Silky and...
  • Origin Africa, Indonesia, Central & South...

While the company in its entirety ensures the beans sourced are of the same standard. The beans used in the cliffhanger blend of Kicking Horse coffee in particular are sourced from from three separate continents. The slight tinge of acidity is brought in from the beans picked in Central and South America. The beans growing in Ethiopia carry with them a splash of fruit through their wild berries syrup. Lastly the kick that knocks it out of the park resulting in the smooth body in the drink can be attributed to the beans brought in from Indonesia.

#4 Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth

Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

Transport yourself to the municipality of Marcala in Honduras, Central America with a cup of their signature blend of Don Pablo, the Subtle Earth Organic  coffee.  The blend composed entirely of Arabic beans, that are roasted to a beautiful medium-dark in small batches.

The air, altitude and environment help in ensuring that the coffee plants are grown and nurtured without the use of any artificial chemical either in the face of pesticides or herbicides. It is not only the growth of the beans, but even the roasting process that is organic. 

Treat yourself to a morning cup of this perfectly balanced assault on your senses. The coffee teases your palate with hints of honey, caramel and chocolate. It doesn’t go overboard on the sweetness though and has a slight undercurrent of bitterness that comes in to level the playing field.

5LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee - Medium-Dark Roast -...
  • 100% Arabica - GMO Free - Low Acidity
  • 5LB - Whole Bean - Medium Dark Roast
  • Rich and chocolaty with profound depth of...

 The blend is not very acidic making it the perfect introduction to the world of coffee for anyone with a sensitive digestive tract. If you love the taste of a cup before bed time, you could even opt for their decaf option. If you find you only need to brew for one, or simply do not have the mood or time to brew an entire pot, Subtle Earth is also available in K-cups. 

#5 Equal Exchange Mind Body Soul Organic Coffee Beans

Equal Exchange Mind Body

Marching in halfway through our list is a coffee that promises to be a treat for your mind, body and soul.

Equal Exchange beans are grown in fields scattered across Asia, Latin America and Africa The coffee can credit its creamy smooth finish in part to the balanced medium & vienna roast blend. 

Through their work, Equal Exchange hopes to nurture relationships between the two ends of the spectrum; the farmers and consumers. They work to incorporate practises that ensure mutual and simuktaneous growth and benefit. 

Equal Exchange Mind Body Soul Drip has been certified as both organic by the USDA and certified kosher. So be assured the coffee is grown processed without invading harmful chemicals pesticides or herbicides to taint the value and flavour of the coffee.

All the ingredients steps undertaken in the creation of the blend are through fair trade practices. So have a clear conscience while sipping this coffee. The farmers picking the beans that flavour your cup are treated with transparency and respect and compensated fairly for their work.

Equal Exchange Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Mind Body...
  • Contains 3 bags, 12 oz per bag (36 oz)
  • TASTE: Find your Moment of Zen with this...
  • ROAST: Balanced Medium & Vienna Roast Blend

Welcome the morning in with a flavour bomb of almond, malt and dark chocolate. Truly a treat for all your sense, don’t forget to savour the scent of vanilla, walnut, butterscotch, cocoa nibs and brown sugar as you down your caffeinated drink.

#6 Volcanica Coffee Complete Organic Range

Volcanica Coffee Organic Range

Thundering into our next spot is the exotic organic range from Volcanica. The company offers a wide range of roasts that you can choose from depending on your palate preference. You can even pick the region from where you want your coffee beans to originate. The exotic choices include the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa, Arabia, Indonesia and the Pacific. The beans sourced by Volcanica Coffee are mainly Arabica, there are however a few variants that also offer Robusta and Peaberry coffee beans in their mix. 

The company follows fair trade practices ensuring that farmers working on the fields that provide the beans are paid wages in accordance to their work and are not cheated out of a livelihood. The people at Volcanica ensure the coffee is shade grown through regular and personal visits to the fields. The shade helps the coffee grow without any additional help from artificial herbicides or pesticides.

The beans are low on acidity ensuring you can treat yourself to a couple of cups of their coffee without having to worry about the impact on your digestive tract.

The company ensures that one percent of the sales made on the official site goes towards the charity: water organisation that works towards bringing clean, safe drinking water to every soul on the planet. 

#7 Jo Espresso

Jo Espresso

There is no better way to kickstart your day than with a cup full of this rich, delectable medium roast coffee. Created entirely from Arabica beans, , it’s difficult to not be tempted by the dark chocolate flavour undertones in the drink.

The coffee claims the Rainforest Alliance, the Roaster’s Guild and Fair Trade Certifications under their belt. This means that the farmers working to pick the beans that form the coffee in your cup receive wages in accordance to their work. They are not exploited in any way. In addition the farming is conducted through a method that protects the land and ensures its longevity. The coffee is grown without any outside aide through artificial chemicals or other pesticides or herbicides.

JO ESPRESSO: 2 lb, Medium Dark Roast, Whole Bean...
  • Each batch of this fresh roasted organic...
  • Available in 12 oz or a 2 lb money-saving...

While it might be tempting to do otherwise, we’d suggest you try a cup of the coffee as it is unadulterated for the best test of taste. There is no bitterness overpowering the flavour of the cup. If it still feels too much for your palate, feel free to add in a creamer or some sugar. In an additional effort to be more eco friendly, the blend is also available in recyclable single serve options for Keurig K-Cup brewers.

#9 Valhalla Java Whole Bean

Valhalla Java

Christened after the mighty structure in Norse mythology, a cup of this smooth, full bodied coffee is just what you need to ride in to face the day’s challenges. A member of the Death Wish coffee family, Valhalla Java packs the expected punch of caffeine the brand is notorious for.

The coffee is sourced through fair trade so be ensured you aren’t ruining the lives and livelihood of the farmers growing and picking the beans. Valhalla Java whole beans are grown without the input of any artificial fertilisers, herbicides or other chemical components. These efforts of the company have resulted in the blend being USDA Certified. Opt to brew this beautiful blend through a pour over method if you have the time to enjoy the enticing aroma of smoky sweetness that hits you as soon as the hot water hits the grind. 

The company is so confident you’re going to love their coffee, they even provide a money back guarantee if you don’t.

VALHALLA JAVA Whole Bean Coffee [12 Oz.] USDA Certified...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CAFFEINE: Valhalla Java whole...
  • QUALITY BREW: Immerse yourself in full...
  • ROBUST FLAVOR: We've carefully sourced,...

Assembled through the combination of Arabica beans from Central and South America, and Robusta beans from Indonesia, the coffee has an underlying hint of nutty chocolate. The dark roast of the blend ensures the hit of bitterness to balance the smooth drink out. With the tinges of chocolate and sweet molasses in every sip we’d be surprised if even the Gods could find something to dislike. 

#10 Mount Comfort Peru

Mount Comfort Peru

As the name suggests, the blend hitting our list next comes from the sprawling green fields of Peru in South America.

Peru happens to be one of the  biggest producers of certified organic coffees of any origin in the whole world. The beans are grown in forested areas by small farmers. A favourable combination of the shade, soil, climate and high altitude of the area result in creating the perfect breeding ground for flawless coffee. 

The elements also help ensure the crops grow without the need for farmers to offer any outside help in the face of artificial chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. The practise allows them to  look after the crop in a more sustainable and environment friendly manner. The farming is conducted in way that ensures the soil remains fertile longer thus providing job safety to the workers in the area.

Mount Comfort Coffee Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Peru,...
  • Item Package Length: 8.636cm
  • Item Package Width: 15.494cm
  • Item Package Height: 27.178cm

With low levels of acidity, this medium roast is composed solely of Arabica beans. Enjoy a smooth creamy cup of this coffee with its bursts of chocolate and nutty the flavour.  The blend is rounded up with a surprise citrus punch for that little extra zing to push you through your morning.

#11 Ruta Maya Medium Roast

Ruta Maya medium roast

Originating in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, Ruta Maya provides shade grown coffee composed of 100% Arabic beans. Originating on the land of the Mayans, (the indigenous people of Mexico), the beans are hand picked and transported to Austin, Texas, where they are then roasted and packed everyday. The coffee is grown and nurtured without the use of any artificial chemicals and pesticides. The method used to farm allows for farmers rotate crops out keeping the land fertile for generations to come. 

Ruta Maya Coffee has  been certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture as USDA organic produce. The company doesn’t follow fair trade practices, instead they have the ‘Ruta Maya Traded’ way of working. The beans are bought in person when a Ruta Maya company employee makes the trip to Mexico to collect the produce. It is done to guarantee the famers receive full and fair market price directly in their pocket with no interference from any middle man. The beans are packed in resealable foil- lined paper bags to keep the produce fresh.

Ruta Maya Whole Bean Organic Medium Roast Coffee, 2.2...
  • Mellow yet full-bodied roast
  • Mild acidity with very smooth and chocolate...
  • Packaged in foil-lined resealable grocery...

The mild roast of the blend ensures you’re not up the whole night. It has a pleasant tinge of a chocolate and low acidity making it light on your stomach.

At the End of the Day

Have you ever really wondered how that cup of coffee on your morning breakfast table really got there? Do you even care? Do you think it’s time that you should?

While it is true that choosing to shift your buying habits to organic produce will possibly result in a hit on your wallet, you are gaining a lot in the exchange. Opting for organic coffee offers not just a new taste, but also a new way of viewing and respecting and relishing the process.