Best 5 Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Looking for pure green coffee bean extract possibly indicates that you are trying to shed some pounds off from your body. People have seen awesome results with this method and that too within few weeks only. Although, there are other uses as well which includes control of high blood pressure(clinically tested) and control of type-2 diabetes which is currently under research.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is been commonly known as Svetol or GCA® (Green Coffee Antioxidant). In the market, there are various brands selling the coffee been extract under different labels which vary in cost and filler ingredients and obviously if the same thing is sold under different names, there is going to be confusion on buying as which one is better and which is inferior.

So when buying Svetol, consider the following points:

–          First of all, it should contain Chlorogenic Acid Extract which might be listed as Svetol or GCA.

–          The content should be of this extract should be more than 45% as for the correct function, this much content is required.

–          Don’t consider it buying if the word ‘Pure’ is mentioned but Svetol and GCA is missing.

–          Lastly, it should not contain any artificial ingredients or fillers.

Positive outcomes have been seen on trying the green coffee bean extract for weight loss and people are amazingly happy with the results as no avoidance of food is required. Svetol is clinically tested on adults and till now there have been no harms seen but do avoid overdoses. However, it is not tested on children below 18 years and also should be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. To know more, visit our other post, “What is Green Coffee”.

The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day and should be taken 30 minutes before the meal. The supplies are mostly available in 60 capsules per bottle. There is generally some discount everywhere on web when we buy 2 or more bottles so buying at once saves some money.

For your easy buying, below I am listing 5 best options of Green Coffee Bean Extract that actually work and are legit.

1)      Green Coffee Bean Max: It is the first choice among my reviews as it contains all the positive aspects like 50% GCA, and contains no filler ingredients and is clinically tested. Serving pack is 60 Cap.
Green Coffee Beans Max

Green Coffee Bean Max, Premium Weight Loss Supplement – 1 Pack (Health and Beauty)

List Price:$39.95 USD
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2)      Another Great Product that actually works and is sold by Amazon is NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract. Caffeine content per capsule is 20 mg almost same as in a decaffeinated cup of coffee and each bottle packs 60 capsules. Buying 2 bottles facilitates free shipping.


3)      The next recommended product is Natural Raw, which has many positive reviews and by far one of the most sold products on Amazon. Order at least two bottles to save on shipping.

4)      Our fourth recommended product is GreenLabs Coffee Bean Extract which is again a largely sold product in US region. Serving pack is again 60 capsules per pack and is sold by Amazon. It is slightly costlier than the previous one but is a good choice.

5)      The last recommend product is by Garcinia Cambogia, a brand that is trusted and used widely in USA. It is enriched with Raspberry Ketones and Green tea for enhanced metabolism and gives extra strength to burn fat.

I would be more than happy to assist you if you need any help or recommendation. Feel free to ask your questions on the comment section below.

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