Espresso Machines

Espresso Machine

The process of forcing pressurised steam through the puck of ground coffee beans is called Espresso and the machine used for this is called the Espresso Machine or Espresso Coffee Maker. It differs from drip coffee maker as in drip method, hot water is poured over the ground coffee placed above the filter or filter paper.

For Espresso, their are equipment that have evolved over time and now come with many advance features. When making a buying decision, the features and specs can easily confuse the consumer. A lot of brands are present in the market like Breville, Delonghi, Cuisinart, Saeco, Jura etc making great espresso machines. Here within this section, we are going to review the top picks in Espresso Machine category to make your selection easy.

Jura Giga 5 Super Automatic

Jura Giga 5 Super Espresso | Perfect Barista At Home

The Jura Giga 5 Super Automatic Espresso Machine is one of the top models available in the market today. Not for the casual coffee drinker, this machine possesses a range of features meant for the serious espresso aficionado! Complete with two separate brewing systems, this model by Jura allows you to brew two different coffee beverages at once. The ceramic bean grinders provide top quality grounds for each and every beverage. The fully programmable nature of this machine makes brewing any beverage as easy as a press of a button. The cost may seem outrageous, but when you consider the capabilities of the Giga 5, it is money well spent. Features and Specification Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 13 inches…
Jura Impressa F8 Super Automatic

Jura Impressa F8 Review | Super Automatic Espresso

The Jura Impressa F8 Automatic Coffee Machine is the perfect answer for anyone who wants a brewing system that provides quality, control and convenience in one elegantly designed package. The sleek appearance of the Impressa F8 makes it as attractive as it is intelligent. A full range of customizable brewing options allows you to brew the perfect beverage each and every time. A built in grinder brings another level of quality and convenience to this model. Finally, the patented Jura Fine Foam Frother ensures the perfect milk foam for any beverage type. Now you can brew any beverage, including lattes, cappuccinos and even macchiatos, with the precision of a professional barista with this top notch super automatic espresso! Features and…
Keurig Rivo Cappuccino Maker

Keurig Rivo Review | Cappuccino & Latte Brewing System

With so many single serve coffee brewing systems available today, choosing the right one can be an intimidating task. This is equally true with single serve espresso machines. Fortunately, Keurig Rivo by the brand, a single serve espresso machine that provides beverage versatility at an affordable price. With an easy to use interface, providing versatility of milk frothing and espresso shot sizes, the Rivo provides all of the quality and convenience you have come to expect from Keurig. Features and Specifications Large capacity water reservoir Professional grade pressure level Automatic milk frother Multiple froth settings Brewing size versatility Easy to use interface Dishwasher safe parts Automatic shut off feature Trial pods and recipe book included Limited one year manufacturer’s warranty…
Nuova Oscar 2

Nuova Oscar 2 | Best Coffee Maker by Nuova Simonelli

The Nuova Oscar 2 is a manual espresso brewing system with a modern, ergonomic design. An easy interface allows for simple programming, whereas manual controls put the quality of the beverages made firmly in your hands. While other machines can boast full automation and thorough programming, the Oscar II is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to know what it feels like to be a true barista. The latest in heat exchange technology ensures that whether you make one beverage or a dozen, the wait time will be less than if you were at your local coffee shop. Professional grade components mean that the Nuova Oscar 2 is designed to provide top quality beverages for years of daily use and…
Saeco Coffee Maker Collection

Best Saeco Espresso Machine | Top 3 Recommendations

  Acquired by the group Philips, Saeco is a reputable brand among the Coffee industry. There are many options by the brand, but Which is the best Saeco Espresso Machine, is always a dilemma for a new buyer. Everyone has distinct requirements and that's why there are options in this world. One has to merge his requirements with the features to find the best solution. If you are looking for a Saeco Coffee Machine, we have already reviewed Top Espresso Machines from this brand to ease your selection process. Best Saeco Espresso Machine Collection Saeco Xelsis Evo Saeco 8753/87 Philips Intellia Saeco Poemia Espresso Machine  #1 Saeco Xelsis Evo The Saeco Xelsis Evo is a well rounded espresso brewing system,…