Best Saeco Espresso Machine | Top 3 Recommendations

Saeco Coffee Maker Collection

  Acquired by the group Philips, Saeco is a reputable brand among the Coffee industry. There are many options by the brand, but Which is the best Saeco Espresso Machine, is always a dilemma for a new buyer. Everyone has distinct requirements and that’s why there are options in this world. One has to merge his requirements with the features to find the best solution. If you are looking for a Saeco Coffee Machine, we have already reviewed Top Espresso Machines from this brand to ease your selection process. Best Saeco Espresso Machine Collection Saeco Xelsis Evo Saeco 8753/87Read More

Pink Coffee Maker Picks For Coffee Lovers

Pink Coffee Maker Collection

For most women, pink reminds us of the days when we wanted to live in a Barbie home when we grew up. There’s no reason why we should leave our favorite color in the toy department when we can bring it into our adult life. A Pink Coffee Maker looks beautiful in every aspect and you could have already imagined it in your kitchen, but might not be giving it a try. Why? According to Colorpsychology, Pink is the symbol of Love, Calmness, Innocence and Optimism. Many of us just relate it to feminism, but there are more otherRead More

Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker | Top 5 Picks

Best Stainless Steel French Press

French Press, still and will always be a popular equipment for brewing coffee as it gives you full control over what you are doing. The taste thus obtained is pure and awesome if brewed under right constraints. The thing that is getting immense popular under this category are the Insulated Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Makers. The reason behind this popularity are first of all the temperature retention while brewing the coffee which is one of the most important aspect for brewing perfectly; second is the durability over the glass and ceramic french press; and third is the having hot brewed coffeeRead More

Best Coffee Grinders For Home: Top 5 Picks 2016

Best Rated Coffee Grinders

You know that for the best tasting espresso, it’s important to use freshly roasted beans and grind them just before brewing. However, the quality of the grind is just as important as freshness and so having one of the Best Coffee Grinder comes up as an important aspect. If you have tried using an inexpensive blade grinder, you know that the grind is not uniform. You may find that half of the coffee is ground to a powder but there are still lots of big chunks and maybe even a few whole beans! Blade grinders also cause friction thatRead More

Commercial Espresso Machine Picks | Top 3 Picks

Rancilio Epoca S1 Espresso Machine

Where do you start when you’re looking to Buy a Commercial Espresso Machine for your restaurant or café? There are many factors to think about, not the least of which is the fact that some of these beasts can cost over 20 thousand dollars or more. The best way to start narrowing down your choice among the commerical espresso machine selection is to consider how much use the machine will get. How many shots will you be pulling in an hour? Calculate this for the busiest hour in the day: if 90 percent of your coffee is sold duringRead More

Best 5 Coffee Makers Under $100

BUNN BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker

Is it possible to get a coffee maker that makes great coffee but doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? It’s not easy to find a coffee machine that does everything perfectly across the board unless you pay a lot. But, if you understand what your priorities are, you can easily find a lower-priced machine that does what you want it to do without paying for features that you’re not concerned with. Also sometimes, we have to find a gift for someone who loves coffee and it’s a daunting task to find a gift under $100 for aRead More

Top 5 Espresso Coffee Beans To Taste Atleast Once

Best Coffee Beans

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso Beans roasted for espresso in particular are roasted longer than regular beans so that the oils in the beans are brought to the surface. All these attributes add to the taste of your espresso drink. Espresso is a coffee that is made by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground and compacted coffee beans. Beans can be of different origins or roasted at different levels, using different methods and still produce authentic espresso. To learn more about beans, go through our Bean Guide. Espresso is the base forRead More

Top 5 Electric Kettles Under $50

Illy Bonavita Electric Kettle

Who needs a stove when you can simply plug in an electric kettle and flip a switch? Electric kettles or hot pots are small, self-contained water-heating devices made from plastic, steel, glass or more often than not, a combination of two or all three. They are easy to use and very convenient. The variety of brands and styles of these modern teapots are unimaginable and some prices are more budget-worthy than others. Electric kettles come in all sorts of fantastic colors and shapes to fit your space and style, some fancier than others. But who says you can’t getRead More