Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Intro

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer – A Coffee Shop On Your Countertop Most coffee drinkers in America start their day with auto-drip coffee at home, or with a morning pit stop at the nearest Starbucks on their way to work. But what if you had one machine that could do it all – full pots of drip coffee for breakfast with your family, a single serve for when you’re on your way out the door, and specialty espresso-based drinks at a lower cost than at your local coffee shop? The Ninja Coffee Bar brewer aims to fulfill all of theseRead More

2016 Keurig 2.0 K575 Review

Keurig K575 Review

Keurig K575 is one of the largest Keurigs to owe and make sure you have enough space to accommodate before making a final decision. It’s 13.63 inches wide, 13.45 inches tall and 10.43 inches in length. This Keurig Brewer can be said as an XL size as it also features large 80oz water tank and XL size 2.8 inches LCD control panel which is larger than 2.4 inches equipped in it’s sibling Keurig K475. It can brew almost all the K cup sizes along with K Mug and K Karafe and that too at optimal temperatures. The large varietyRead More

Top 5 Coffee Grinders For Home: 2016

Best Rated Coffee Grinders

The Five Best Coffee Grinders for the Home Barista’s You know that for the best tasting espresso, it’s important to use freshly roasted beans and grind them just before brewing. However, the quality of the grind is just as important as freshness and so using the Best Coffee Grinder comes up as an important aspect. If you have tried using an inexpensive blade grinder, you know that the grind is not uniform. You may find that half of the coffee is ground to a powder but there are still lots of big chunks and maybe even a few wholeRead More

2016 Keurig 2.0 K475 Review

Keurig K475 Review

Large display screen, 70 oz huge water reservoir and bold looks is what that defines the Keurig 2.0 K475 Brewer. This model came up after the discontinuation of Keurig K450 which was built for exclusive use of pods made by Keurig only. The Keurig K475 now supports K Cups from various brands and is now available almost all over. The older K450 was opposed by many that used a sensor to check the exclusive ink mark on the K Cups by Keurig. People later discovered that putting a tape on the sensor would allow them to use other pods too and alsoRead More

How to Buy the Best Espresso Tamper: Our Top 5 List

Motta 8100b Coffee Tamper Black

When you buy a new espresso maker, it often comes with a tamper. Usually this will be a cheap, flimsy item – sometimes even made out of plastic – but at least it will allow you to get started pulling espresso shots right away. In the long run, however, you’re going to want a decent quality tamper. Tamping espresso serves three purposes. First of all, it evens out the ground coffee inside the filter basket for a consistent extraction. Uneven grounds allow water to form channels during brewing, rushing through the portafilter while barely touching the coffee. Tamping alsoRead More

Keurig 2.0 K145 OfficePRO Review

Keurig K145 Control Panel

Keurig is a well known brand for its huge range of single serve coffee makers and is almost present in all countries where coffee is well consumed. The machines been produced differ in brewing capacities, brew cycle, ease of use, automation of work etc. One product among this range is Keurig K145 OfficePRO which has gained good popularity in offices as well as at homes. It is built using heavy duty materials that can cope with a lot of daily use and can give the output in less time. With descent sized reservoir and different brew size, this machineRead More

Top 10 Electric Kettles for 2016

Best Electric Kettles

Do you think a kettle is just a simple appliance for heating water to the boiling point? If you haven’t been kettle shopping in a while, you will be amazed by the features now available on the humble electric kettle. Some even use Wi-Fi! Before writing up this article about the Best Electric Kettles, we saw a beautiful article at Goodhousekeeping, which was a great collection, but much of technology has evolved since it was written in 2009. You can find kettles that heat water to specific temperatures instead of simply heating to the boiling point. If you’re aRead More

High End Coffee Makers for Rich People

HIgh End Coffee Machines for Home

Who doesn’t wants a High End Coffee Maker? I don’t think much people will say ‘I don’t want?’. These machines look like a charm on your coffee platform and making coffee from these is a breeze. It’s surely going to make your neighbors jealous. However, due to the high upfront cost many people even don’t look at these machines. A Super-automatic coffee machine will grind your beans, brew espresso and steam milk at the touch of a button. With this type of machine, you get what you pay for: there are a number of inexpensive machines available in theRead More