A French Press Coffee Maker, also known as coffee plunger, cafetière or coffee press is one of the most preferred method for coffee brewing. In this method, we have full control and the output is thus the finest one.

Drip is the easiest method of coffee brewing and these brewers can be found in many homes. These coffee makers are economical, low in maintenance and serve only basic coffee.

Single Serve coffee maker brew coffee at just a push of button using Pods or Capsules as their common raw material. The pods can cost somewhat more than the other methods but are known to be the most fastest and easiest way of brewing coffee.

If you want some Barista style drinks at home, this must be the option you should go for. A Super Espresso Coffee Maker is expensive but ease many steps of making professional drinks like latte, cappuccino and mocha.

Grinding is the most important part of Coffee Making Process that determines the raw material. So, it's an important decision to buy the best grinder that suits your brewing method and the drinks you want to make.

Espresso Coffee Maker makes a thick and dark concentrated drink called Espresso with a layer on top called Crema. It is the base of many mixes and blends of coffee and hence the most popular.

Coffee Beans are raw material to any coffee making process. These are basically divided in two categories, Arabica and Robusta and then subdivided to Acidity, Aroma, Body, Roast, Balance and Finish.

Oxo On 9 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Oxo On 9 Cup Coffee Maker Review

The name “Barista Brain” may conjure up an image of a super high-tech coffee maker loaded down with gadgets and gizmos that you’ll never get around to using. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this Oxo On 9 Cup coffee maker is simple, straightforward and almost minimalist in design. It looks great, it doesn't has any complicated controls and most of all, it makes a perfect cup of coffee every time. A Short Glance At Oxo On 9 Cup Coffee Maker The Barista Brain does make good use of technology, but only where it really counts. First and…
Which are the Best Coffee Beans

Which Are Best Coffee Beans In The World?

The 5 Best Coffee Beans in the World Coffee grows all over the tropical world, and there are many different varieties even in a single coffee-growing region. Currently with over thousands of varieties of coffee beans, a buyer is often confused in buying and is often found searching the best coffee beans in the world. Why are some coffees better than others, and how do you decide which coffee is best? First of all, there is no such thing as 'Best Coffee Beans in the world' as everything depends on what suits out tongue. Everyone in this world has different…
How to Buy Best Coffee Bean

How To Buy The Best Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean Buying Guide When you’re ready to go beyond the selection at your grocery store and start buying high-quality beans, it can be hard to know where to start. It seems that no two experts agree on what makes a great bean. You also have to sort through a ton of jargon and subjective terms like “berry” and “roasted grain” that some reviewers use to describe coffee flavors. Understanding something about the origins of coffee and how it is affected by processing, roasting and grinding will help you decide where to start. This guide will help you understand the…
Jura ENA Micro 9

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Espresso Machine Review

Not every coffee lover has a lot of counter space to devote to their caffeine habit. If your countertops are dominated by overhanging cupboards, or if you want an office coffee maker to fit in a tiny kitchenette, you can still enjoy the luxury of a Super-Automatic Espresso Maker. Jura has done the work for you. Introduction to Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Super-automatic machines are designed to do all of the difficult work for you. Jura ENA Micro 9 will grind your beans, brew a shot of espresso, heat and froth your milk and put it all together…
Best 5 Espresso Machines for Home

The 5 Best Espresso Machines For Home

Italians have been enjoying espresso, or pressure-brewed coffee, since the late 19th century. The first machines were huge steam-driven contraptions that often overheated the water in order to maintain pressure. It was a natural development to start using the steam to heat and froth milk to go with the coffee. After World War II, a hand lever was added to the boiler to optimize the pressure without overheating the coffee, and modern espresso was born. Hot water forced through a compacted puck of ground coffee gives espresso its characteristic flavor and crema, the rich, caramel-colored fine foam layer on top…
Jura Impressa Z9 Super Espresso Machine

Review: Jura Impressa Z9 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Introduction to Jura Impressa Z9 With Roombas, self-driving cars and even more “robot servants” on the horizon, it seems like we’re finally entering the future we were all promised back in the days of the original Star Trek and the Jetsons. For coffee lovers, a super-automatic espresso machine is like having your very own robot barista that knows exactly how you like your coffee and makes it perfectly every time. The Jura Impressa Z9 is the most luxurious of these machines. It takes you from beans to a frothy cappuccino or macchiato at the press of a button, with an…